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"Cynthia Schuman inherits modernism's legacy of the freedom to take painting into unknown territory."


Stanford Professor Emeritus 

Albert Elsen 







Come explore with me the depths of the sea and the heights of the stars. Reach with me, for waiting for us are all the secrets of the unknown.


Forever searching for fluidity, and a richness of color and content, I am seeking a result that will allow the viewer to be drawn into the 

painting, enveloped by it, enlightened by the experience and awakened.


Working in an Abstract Expressionist Colorfield mode, the resin paintings are both intuitive and planned.  I find myself diving in and swimming around in the flow of the paint.  I want to sensually move about, floating through and inhabiting  magical and dream-like forms, untouched and unknown realities, always in search of a more beautiful canvas, always at risk, each painting a new and wondrous adventure.


Cynthia Schuman

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